Program Coordinator: Mike Gatzendorfer


The BARC Arts Program is a year round arts program that explores various aspects of the arts in 5 week segments from October through March. Yearly this program will be exploring visual art, music, dance & theater, using the expertise of several artists and performers in our area. Sessions will be offered to a variety of age groups and locations depending on the modality being explored.  The cost will be $30-$50 per student per session depending on the materials needed. Some examples of previous sessions are:

  • Printmaking- In printmaking your child was guided through the world of printmaking. Your little artist will uses their imagination to design positive and negative prints using a variety of different mediums, inks and rollers to design their own work of art! We will also be carving a variety of materials and creating Japanese Fish prints.
  • Mural Painting- In this session students worked together to create a mural that was  designed and implemented as a group
  • Music in Motion (for Pre-K) – This program introduces your toddlers to both traditional and unique children songs. We learn specific movements and finger plays to songs such as Mulberry Bush, Itsy Bitsy Spider & Little Peter Rabbit among many others.

Registration Info:

Registration details will be available for each session a month prior to the start date. The 5 week sessions are on hiatus for the summer while our summer theater program in session, but will resume in the fall. Our first segment of the 2018-2019 year is planned for mid to late October. Registration information will be online by late September.