Arts Program

Program Coordinator: Casey Martin


The BARC Arts Program is a year round arts program that explores various aspects of the arts in 4 – 5 week segments from September through March. Yearly this program will be exploring visual art, music, dance & theater, using the expertise of several artists and performers in our area. Sessions will be offered to a variety of age groups and locations depending on the modality being explored.  The cost will be $30-$50 per student per session depending on the materials needed. Some examples of previous sessions are:

  • Printmaking- In printmaking your child was guided through the world of printmaking. Your little artist will uses their imagination to design positive and negative prints using a variety of different mediums, inks and rollers to design their own work of art! We will also be carving a variety of materials and creating Japanese Fish prints.
  • Mural Painting- In this session students worked together to create a mural that was  designed and implemented as a group
  • Music in Motion (for Pre-K) – This program introduces your toddlers to both traditional and unique children songs. We learn specific movements and finger plays to songs such as Mulberry Bush, Itsy Bitsy Spider & Little Peter Rabbit among many others.
  • Creative Candle Making- In this class students create and build their very own candles each week based on a theme. The students will learn about the candle creating process. This is a very unique and special class that will truly inspire students’ imagination.
  • Jewelry Making- In this class students learn to make several different projects using beads and other crafting materials. A variety of different beads and cords will be used to make some jewelry and non-jewelry items. This class takes place on site and at a local business.
  • Nature Art Program & Nature Exploration Club- The Nature Art program & Nature Exploration Club both take a non-traditional approach to art in order to engage children’s imagination and creativity. This program focuses on connecting children with the outdoors by using natural art materials. Children who have a connection to the outdoors often have a longer attention span and a better connection to themselves. Our goal is to connect children to themselves and help them better understand their feelings and emotions through non-traditional art. A hike is included in every activity for the Nature Exploration Club.
  • Theater Skills Workshop- In this five week acting intensive, students work on basic stage acting skills including improvisation, scene study and monologues. This is a great class for anyone, grades 6-10, who is interested in acting- whether they are novice or experienced. The goal is to create a safe environment where each student can feel free to express themselves through performing.

Registration Info:

Registration details will be available for each session a month prior to the start date. The 5 week sessions are on hiatus for the summer while our summer theater program in session, but resume in the fall.

Nature Exploration Hiking Club

Fall 2020


ABOUT: In this program we will be exploring nature at local parks and trails. The activities done over the course of four weeks will incorporate physical activity, arts & crafts, and safety & awareness of our local environment and will increase confidence and comfortability in nature. Each session we will take a hike and have a discussion on some of the things, seen and unseen, in the natural world, then end with an activity and art project related to our talk.


INSTRUCTOR: Emily Cromie is an environmentalist who loves books, riding horses, and working with kids. In her own words, “I grew up on a farm in a rural town, spending most of my life outside building the strong connection to nature that I have today. Attending Castleton University in Vermont fueled my need to learn and ended with a bachelors in Ecological Studies and a minor in Adventure Recreation.” Her passion for the environment has grown into a passion for educating others and helping them find their own connection to nature.



Saturdays 10am – noon

9/12/20 Week 1

Location: Malta Ecological Park (Malta Ave)

Nature Safety and Respect Talk & Opening Activity & Walk

Topic: Rainbows & Color Scavenger Hunt


9/19/20 Week 2

Location: 100 Acre Wood (Luther Forest, trail access on Stonebreak Road Ext)

Opening Activity & Walk

Topic: Water & Mini Raft Races


9/26/20 Week 3

Location: Woods Hollow Nature Preserve (Rowland St pull off)

Opening Activity & Walk

Topic: Seeds & Life Underneath (Litter Bugs!)


10/03/20 Week 4

Location: Anchor Diamond Park (117 Middle Line Rd)

Opening Activity & Walk

Topic: Nature Scavenger Hunt, Nature Mobile, & Why Leaves Change Color



Please always wear close toed shoes and clothes that can get dirty. While we will stay on trails, it’s not a complete nature class unless you play in the dirt!

Bring a backpack with a small blanket (for sitting on during projects and nature watching), a water bottle (hydration is very important), a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt, and a small snack if you want (patience is important when in nature and it’s hard to be patient when you’re cold or have a hungry stomach).


HOW TO REGISTER: Log onto and click on the ‘Register/Log in’ link to be taken to our registration site. If you have already created an online account, you will be able to access the information used from your last registration. If any of your personal information has changed, please update it. If prior to this, you have not registered online for a BA/RC program, you will need to create an account and register. Registration is open from 8/25/20- 9/6/20. Please email the registrar, Cheryl Kelly, at if you need help registering.

* We will be following all state COVID 19 guidelines for recreation programs, which may include restrictions on groups size, equipment usage & spacing. These guidelines will be provided prior to the start of the program.

2020 Nature Hike Club Flyer