BARC 2017 -2018 CALENDAR

The following is a list of the months in which information about each program will be released. Specific dates will be emailed to your online account and updated to this page as the year progresses. If you don’t have an account, go to the ‘sign up’ site to the right and create one through online Sports Illustrated Play.

September 2017: Fall Soccer begins 9/16/17.

October 2017:

  • Fall Enrichment Registration from Friday 10/6/17 through Sunday 10/15/17.
  • Indoor Tennis registration starts on 10/28/17.
  • Family Ski Information is posted to the BARC website at (Ages 4 to parents are eligible) on 10/13/17.

November 2017:

  • Online registration begins for BARC Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball (for Grades 3-9). This program is not co-ed.
  • Indoor Tennis registration ends on 11/12/17.
  • Ski registration ends on 11/15/17.
  • Fall Enrichment starts 11/4/17.
  • Indoor Tennis starts 11/20/17.

December 2017: Basketball registration ends.

January 2018:

  • BARC Basketball begins 1/2/18.
  • Ski Program Starts 1/6/18.
  • Saturday Winter Enrichment registration CANCELLED. (For Grades K-5).

February 2018 :

  • Saturday Winter Enrichment CANCELLED due to facilities conflicts.
  • Online registration for BARC Spring Sports begins mid to late February (for players entering K-9 in Sept 2018).  *Spring Sports are: T-Ball, Instructional Baseball, & Soccer.

March 2018: BARC Youth Theatre registration opens for those students  entering Grade 4 through June 2018 graduates.

April 2018:

  • Online registration for BARC Competitive Swim begins for those students entering K through June 2018 graduates).

May 2018:

  • Spring sports begin . (Spring Sports are: T-Ball, Instructional Baseball, & Soccer)
  • Online registration for Tennis Camp begins for those entering Grades 3 and up in Sept. 2018.
  • Swimming Program starts .

June 2018:

  • Summer Enrichment registration starts for those students entering K-6  in September 2018.
  • Online registration for BARC Field & Track begins for those students entering Grade 3-9 in Sept 2018.
  • Online registration for BARC Fall Soccer begins at the end of June for those students entering Grades K-9 in Sept 2018.
  • Tennis Camp starts .
  • Summer Enrichment begins from 10AM – noon.

July 2018

  • Track & Field starts.

August 2018 – BARC Youth Theatre Musical – Ballston High School.