BARC Soccer is holding a snack drive for Wood Road and Malta Avenue Elementary schools!

Many of our students receive free lunches at school. As such, buying snacks each day is a hardship for many and nearly impossible for others. The impact from this donation on our students is deeply meaningful in a way that cannot be overstated.  Many of our students are hungry and need a snack. They often feel left out as their classmates are eating their snack from home. Once again, a tremendous thanks to the snack donation drive and making a significant difference in the lives of our students and their families.

We will collect snack foods from Monday, September 25th – Saturday October 28th. Donations can be dropped off to the BARC building at the Eastern Ave soccer fields Monday-Wednesday 6-7:30p as well as Saturdays 10am to 2:30p. Special arrangements can be made as well if needed by contacting Chris Bouchard at

Examples of acceptable donations are individually wrapped: pretzels, goldfish, rice krispie treats, popcorn (Smart Food, Pirate Booty), apple sauce, raisins, granola bars, fruit snacks