To help with gearing up for an amazing holiday season we put together a small little fundraiser to get a head start on our 2023 production and provide a little something for you or for gift giving as well.  We have a Hoffman Helping Hands Fundraiser up and running at the following link:

Here are some details on the choices…

Full Service Wash: $43.00
In this car wash available at our Capital District locations, your vehicle first receives our Exterior Car Wash. Our car care attendants then vacuum the carpets, seats and ashtrays and wipe the interior windows, dashboard and doorjambs. Finally, they add an air freshener of your choice and the exterior of your vehicle is hand dried.

Exterior Wash: $13.00
At our Capital District locations, your vehicle enters your vehicle enters our modern car wash bay where it receives a soft-cloth wash followed by touch-free air drying.

What’s nice about this fundraiser is 50% of all purchases go directly into our program! Not to mention, CLEAN CAR!! Winter is upon us and salt and sand are not our friends! Take care of yourself (your car), your family and friends, and support our program all with just the click of a button! Easy peasey, lemon squeezy!! 🙂