Enrichment Program Coordinator: Ryan Cummings



The Enrichment program has three sessions- Fall, Winter, and Summer. The fall & winter sessions are Saturday classes that are held from 10a- 12 noon for 5 weeks . In the summer, classes are held Monday through Friday from 10a- 12p noon for 3 weeks. Yoga, Bokwa, gymnastics, dance, theater, arts & crafts, tae kwon do,  and cooking are some examples of the classes that are offered. Each class is one hour long and students may choose two classes each day. The offerings change with each session. The fee for this program is $10 per class for the Saturday programs and $15 per class for the Summer session.

Registration Info:

Registration for Fall Enrichment starts at the end of September and classes begin in early November. Registration for Winter Enrichment starts at the end of December and classes begin in late January/early February. Summer registration goes online mid to late April and classes begin in late June/early July.

Summer Enrichment 2019

Who: Students ENTERING grades K-6 who reside in the Towns of Milton, Malta, or Ballston, or the Village of Ballston Spa.

When and Where:

  • Days: Monday through Friday.
  • Time: 10am-12pm (Two 1 hour classes each day)
  • Dates: 7/1- 7/19/19. (No class 7/4 or 7/5/19)        
  • Where: Ballston Spa Middle School

Cost: $15 per student. (Scholarships are available)

HOW TO REGISTER: Log onto www.ballstonarearec.org and go to BARC’s online registration by clicking “Register/Log In”. If you have already created an online account, you will be able to access the information from your last registration. If any of your personal information has changed, please update it to ensure that you received program updates. If you have not previously registered online for a BARC program, you will need to create an account and register.

Online registration will open April 15th, 2019 and will close on June 2nd, 2019. Space is limited for this program, and registration is ‘first come, first serve’. Email confirmation of registration from the SI Play site is not a confirmation of the classes your child is registered for. A separate email will be sent with your child’s class assignment a week prior to the start of the program.

If you need help registering or a scholarship, please email Nora Osuchowski at ballstonarearec@gmail.com.

Summer Enrichment Class Descriptions

Summer Enrichment is a low cost recreation program from 10a-12p, Monday through Friday. Each class is for one hour which gives students the option to sign up for two classes each day. The classes this summer are as follows: 

Tae Kwon Do: (10 am: Grades K-6, 11am: Grades K-6) The Torres Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts program will help your child improve many character development traits. You will see an improvement in fitness, focus, self control and self esteem. We strive to incorporate the tenants of Tae Kwon Do which includes Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit in every class, all while having fun! Master Torres (Lead Instructor) is the owner of Torres Tae Kwon Do in Clifton Park.

Yoga & Cooperative Movement: (10 am: Grades 3-6, 11am: Grades K-2) This class incorporates cooperative games using communication skills and teamwork, as well as the basics of yoga and movement. Each day will be something new to engage kids to work together. Olivia Laime (Lead Instructor) is a returning BARC staff who has worked with children for several years in a variety of camp settings. Olivia is a also member of the High Point University yoga club.

Introduction to Dance: (10 am: Grades K-2, 11am: Grades 3-6) This class will use a variety of dance styles, such as jazz, hip hop, and ballet to teach children the basic foundational steps in these genres of dance. Through exposure to a few basic dance styles, children will be able to use their newly obtained skills to learn patterns of rhythm & how to be aware of the space around us, all while pursuing health in a fun & positive environment. Avery Padula (Lead Instructor) has 15 years of experience in the styles of jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary dance and volunteers to teach a Zumba class for children K-5.

Exploring Music: (10 am: Grades 3-6, 11am: Grades K-2) This class will focus on exposing kids to many types of music and allowing them to explore the varying structures, instruments, textures, and rhythms that different genres of music bring to the table. The students will learn to enjoy and appreciate many types of music through singing songs, playing instruments, and taking part in dance movements from several genres, styles, and cultures. Alexandra Croft (Lead Instructor) is a former BARC student and current teacher at Schalmont Central School District, as well as the Musical Director for BARC Youth Theatre.

Paint, Draw & Craft: (10am: K-2 11am: Grades 3-6) This class will use a wide range of media to make projects including collage, clay, and wax-resist painting, and will spend the final week working with acrylic paint on canvas to create a portrait of your child’s favorite toy. The older age group will also spend time creating cartoon characters and drawing comics. Jennifer Maher Coleman (Lead Instructor) is a fine artist specializing in portraits by commission of children’s beloved toys (and any and all favorite things… pets, houses, etc.)  She has previously run toy portrait painting workshops for children of all ages at Saratoga Arts Fest and at various area galleries and art centers.  www.yourtoyportrait.com

Exploremos Español: (10am: Grade 3-6, 11am: Grades: K-2) The K-2 program is an introductory Spanish class that will cover basic skills and concepts.  We will explore the Spanish language through song, games, movement, finger plays, stories and more.  The 3-6 program is designed for students that may have had some previous basic exposure to the Spanish language and/or are ready to learn some conversational skills and more.  We will explore the Spanish language through songs, stories, daily calendar, cultural activities and more. Sara Ackroyd (Lead Instructor) is a Spanish teacher with the Ballston Spa Central School District and a returning BARC staff.

Legos: (10am: 3-6, 11am: Grades K-2) Students will learn about many aspects of LEGO building. They will work cooperatively & independently to build and present creations. They will also have fun together while fostering creativity through LEGO games and activities. Jessica Miller (Lead Instructor) is a returning BARC staff. She has extensive experience working with kids in group settings, leading a variety of events & programs. She was also a teacher’s aide at Saratoga High School, and a classroom instructor at a local day program for individuals with disabilities.

Crafty Readers: (10am Grades K-2) Participants will read a story together, discuss the central themes & create crafts, which relate to the books using a variety of materials and art forms. This class utilizes multiple readings, creative movement, and games to engage students in reading strategies, listening comprehension, and vocabulary building. Children will illustrate and read their own book for the class and parents at the conclusion of the three weeks. Gail Aldous (Lead Instructor) is a certified and experienced teacher of over 24 years. This will be her 10th year with BARC Enrichment.

Create & Illustrate: (11am: Grades 3-6) This class introduces students to different forms of poetry, including but not limited to, free verse, haiku, and concrete. Children will write their own poems and illustrate them with a variety of materials and art forms creating their own poetry books to present to the class and parents at the conclusion of the three weeks. Sharing and engaging students in poetry is a fun way to sharpen and gain confidence in their language learning. Gail Aldous (Lead Instructor).

Summer Enrichment Reg 2019